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The 3 Wedding Photography Styles and How They Differ From Subject to Subject

Photojournalist, Classic, Editorial/Artistic. These are the 3 styles of photography that you may hear when talking about how you want your wedding photographed. But what do they mean? The majority of couples aren't sure how to best describe the look that they want for their wedding. Couples will share examples with their photographers, but there may be photos of each type within their examples. Sure, good wedding photographers will get a variety of styles from a wedding day, but It's important to understand which overall theme you as a couple are going for so that your photographer knows what style to prioritize. So lets go over what they are and how they look for the various shots of the day.


The Photojournalism style of wedding photography is rooted in story-telling. Most brides and grooms say that they "want the photos to capture the entirety of the day" and photo-journalistic is exactly what they mean. It means less posing is taking place and more situational placement. It's intended that the photographers are not even thought of and are just there in the background as the day happens. The focus really is on the emotion and actions, and the moments that "just happen".


The Classic style of wedding photography is much more structured than photojournalism. There will be more solo portraits and posed photos. Most photographers call these types of shots, the "must-haves" because they are so timeless.


The Editorial style of wedding photography is what you may find in a magazine or catalog. Brides and Grooms are typically have a more serious face in these shots and are very, very staged. They require the most imagination and creativity which could be difficult. Couples can share all of the ideas on the internet with their photographer, but any variation (attire style, lighting, time of day, surroundings) can play a factor. Couples really have to trust their photographers on-the-spot ingenuity to create these types of images.

The Dress

(Photojournalism, Classic, Editorial)

The Couple

(Photojournalism, Classic, Editorial)

The Wedding Party

(Photojournalism, Classic, Editorial)

The Cake

(Photojournalism, Classic, Editorial)

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