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6 Wedding Photography Myths That You Should Know

Choosing your wedding photographer can be quite the task when planning your special day. You're constantly doing online research via Wedding Wire Photography or asking family and friends for their recommendations and EVERYONE is going to have a strong opinion. No matter how you're going about choosing your wedding photography service, here are a few "myths" that you should take into consideration when making your final choice for engagement and wedding photographers!

Myth 1 : Your Engagement Session needs to be high fashion and editorial

Your engagement session should mimic your style. If you are the type of couple who is over the top and big into the editorial style, then that's what you should do. However, if you're not that type of couple, you shouldn't force it. Be yourselves. We like to tell our couples that they're going on a slightly fancier date, just with photographers around!

Surprise Engagement session in Brooklyn New York

Myth 2: Beautiful Engagement photos will result in beautiful Wedding photos

Your Engagement Session is well planned and settled. Your photographer will have the freedom to try things and pose you and place you in desired positions during an Engagement Session. On Wedding days, there is only one chance to get something right. Lighting may not always be perfect and time is of the essence, so there is no real correlation.

Elegant, Formal engagement session in Washington DC

Myth 3: Your photographer can and will duplicate images found online from services like Pinterest

While we do encourage our clients to put together Pinterest boards for us, it is not to precisely duplicate those images. We ask that when clients share these images with us that they be very specific about what it is that they like about the image. It could be the pose, the lighting, the arrangement of objects, or anything of the sort. The issue with expecting recreations is that the environment on the engagement or wedding day could be extremely different than what was in the shared image. It's much better to understand the mood for a session than recreate without knowing why.

Beautiful bride before her wedding in Richmond

Myth 4: It's best to find a photographer who can double as a videographer

While there are some companies out there who provide both services, asking a single or even a duo like us to perform videography services may impact the end product quality. Kind of like a "Jack of All Trades vs Master of One" scenario.

Formal portraits after a wedding in Chesterfield

Myth 5: Photographers will send images upon request at anytime after the wedding

While we at RSWeddings pride ourselves on being able to get our clients quality content in a very reasonable amount of time, we cannot speak for the entire industry. We urge clients to be mindful of their contracts and that images will be provided by that date.

Bride in her dress before the Wedding in Hampton

Myth 6: You only need one photographer

Tyrone and I have both shot weddings alone before and we HIGHLY recommend not opting for it whether you're a client or fellow photographer. It can be done, but it is super stressful and strenuous to do a wedding solo. Clients may thing that they can save a few dollars by only hiring one photographer, but some companies will actually up-charge for only having one photographer. Also, photographers are not omnipresent. We cannot be in all places at all times for all moments. Depending on the size of your wedding, sometimes 2 is not enough. At RSWeddings, we've had a Wedding Day team as large as 6 people to work a single wedding!

RSWeddings team working on a bridal portrait in Petersburg.

Have any other questions that you think could be myths? Ask them below in the comments section!

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