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Brides are changing the game (and their outfits) with Wedding Reception wardrobe changes

Wedding receptions. They are where the couple shows off their sense of style and personality. They're the formal "last dance" as their parent's child. They are the cut loose celebration of two families. But how can a bride cut loose in an extravagant gown?! Well, there are a few options that we've seen work well as well as a trend that we've been experiencing--the outfit change.


The Bustle is a small loop on the train that is strategically hooked somewhere on the lower back of the dress to keep the train from dragging. Simple and effective without having the bride to worry about her dress through the night.


The Wrist Loop is like the bustle, but instead of having a small loop hook onto the dress, it's a slightly larger loop that allows the bride to hold her train up and to the side. It definitely creates more curves and angles for photos, but depending on the weight of the dress, could become a hassle as time goes on for some brides.

The bride dancing at her wedding reception while holding on to her wrist loop.


The Convertible Dress allows brides to have a large skirt or train during the reception and simply removing that extra fabric later on. It's a quick way to get an entirely new look in just a few short minutes while also not messing up hair and makeup.


A Dress Change mid-reception is a good way for a bride to get a little more comfortable than wearing a full length gown. We've found that most African weddings have a dress change usually into something more cultural.


An Attire Change is also an option. Though weddings and all of their goings on are typically a formal event, it is still YOUR formal event. And if you and your groom are say, big fans of everything Adidas, it may be a fun idea to switch into matching jumpsuits. Or the bride can switch into a boss-like pant suit to close out the reception.

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