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What is RS Weddings and what does it mean?

Rock Solid Weddings?  Ready Set Weddings? Royal Suite Weddings?  Ha ha, no, RS Weddings simply stands for Redman/Singletary Weddings.  RS Weddings embodies both of our personalities.  It's fun and enjoyable, but also very professional.  We want to leave our clients with a lasting memory. Five to ten years out we want our couples and their guests to say "Oh yeah, Shane and Tyrone shot that wedding.  They were awesome!"

What is your goal as wedding photographers?

Our goal is to provide the most enjoyable experience you could have both on the wedding day and far beyond.  People say that we have very friendly and outgoing personalities--which is a good fit as photographers.  We try to let our joy and happiness be infectious to those in front of the lens.

Why photography as a wedding service?

It is our belief that photography, while a great time in the moment, is meant to be enjoyed years and generations after the moment.  That's why we take so much pride in what we do.  Good photography is like wine--it gets better with time!  Photos are the most "glance-able" moments from the day.  We want your photos to live on your walls and your album to have a place on the coffee table.

What makes wedding photography enjoyable to you?

Our interactions with couples and their VIPs.  We really like to get to know people as well as possible.  Everyone has a story behind them and we always find them interesting.  It really helps to get to know people so that you can make them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

What sets RS Weddings apart?

We can't harp on it enough--the experience and the fun!  We are going to make you laugh and dance and smile all day long.  We are high energy and it shows!  We don't want to be the guys that just stand around, cameras up, clicking all night.  During the preparations and throughout the day, we will do our best to enhance emotions to capture the moments of joyous angst.  During the reception, we will be right on the dance floor with you and all of your guests making sure everyone is having a good time, all the while capturing every single moment.  We provide a wide variety of shots and a mixture of bright, lively shots as well as ambient, dramatic shots.

What do you bring with you on wedding days?

We bring an arrangement of professional-grade equipment to every wedding including a number of camera bodies, lenses, and lights to create any desired effect!

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