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A Little More About Your Wedding Photographer

Shane Redman

A photo of Shane Redman
A photo of Shane Redman
A photo of Shane Redman
A photo of Shane Redman
A photo of Shane Redman
A photo of Shane Redman
How did you start out in photography?

I first started my photography journey as a hobby taking photos for my father.  I would go out and take landscapes and cityscapes that he would then paint.  My curiosity continued to grow and I began studying the art and shooting night shots.  Even today, I still have my own personal photography projects that keep me busy! One project is collecting and taking vinyl figures out with me and photographing them in the world.  Another personal project is centered around the dance community in the northern Virginia/DC area.  You can check out these projects and more of my personal work at

What is the best wedding planning advise you have for a couple?

Remember that it is YOUR wedding.  Not your parents', not your best friends', YOUR wedding.  Decisions should be yours and yours alone (unless someone's going to foot the bill for a portion!)

What is the best day-of advise you have for a couple?

Something will happen.  Someone will forget something. Someone will be late.  Let it go.  You have an itinerary with best guess times, not a schedule.  Let the day flow.  I've been at a wedding where the bride found out right before the ceremony that she left the rings at home and they made it work.  Not one guest even noticed.  Just accept that things happen and move forward.

What marriage advice do you have for couples?

My wife and I have a joke that we tell everyone saying that "Marriage is a trap!" It always seems to get some laughter/surprise out of people, but what we mean is, it's a happy trap.  You are stuck with the one that you love.  That love is the choice that you both made and it shouldn't be entered into lightly.  Weddings are one day, but marriage is for life.

What's your relationship with Tyrone?

Tyrone and I attended Old Dominion University together.  He was a few years ahead of me and we weren't THAT close during college, but I did know of him (as most did, because he's super-extroverted).  I remember him always with some sort of camera in his hands at parties and events.  It wasn't until later around or after my graduation that we really became friends and hung out.  He's really more like a brother now.  My wife and I love hanging out with his family, especially his son (my godson).  A few years pass, Tyrone is still well into photography, while I'm finally coming into my own.  He asked if I wouldn't mind helping him shoot a wedding (now that I had my own camera).  The wedding turned out to be a hit and we received a glowing review.  It was then that we actually put thought into being a duo.  We continued to work together, but as separate entities for a few years until we were finally able to come up with this--RS Weddings!

What do you do when you're not photographing?

I'm either bike riding, bowling, taste testing one of my wife's delicious desert dishes, or hanging out with my cousin who is also into photographing landscapes and graphics design.  I enjoy going to the movies a lot, but oddly don't watch a lot of TV.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The plan is to still be shooting weddings, but maybe as a full-time service!  Hoping to remain in the DC/Northern Virginia area for quite some time and start a family of my own.

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