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Wedding Rituals

While planning your wedding, you want it to be as unique as you are. Most of the time, couples lean on how to make the wedding reception their own and opt for more traditional ceremonies. However, practicing some of these Wedding Rituals can put your own stamp on the wedding ceremony!

Jumping The Broom

Traditionally an African-American ritual, jumping the broom dates back to times of slavery. Though they were not allowed to marry, many slaves did exchange nuptials and would commemorate the day by jumping the broom. This symbolized the leaving one life and entering a new one together with a clean slate.

Sand Ceremony

This ceremony typically has two separate colored sands that are poured into a main container at the same time to symbolize the how the lives of those involved can never be separated once mixed. Couples usually do this with 2 colors to represent just the bride and groom, but we have seen couples who have children add colors to represent them as well.

Feet or Hand Cleansing Ceremony

Couples washing each others' hands or feet is a common ritual that symbolizes service towards each other and starting their new lives together cleansed of the past.

Tie the Knot / Braid

In this ritual, the groom will hold three strands for the bride to braid together. One strand represents the groom, another the bride, and the third represents God to symbolize how the 3 are now intertwined.

Love Letter / Poem Reading

Along with vows, couples can opt to write love letters or poems to each other. Sometimes couples present these to each other before the wedding in private, but some couples also will have these read aloud during the ceremony.

Passing the Ring

The passing of the rings is when the wedding bands are passed through the assembled guests to say a prayer over and bless. This is usually done during a song which would provide enough time for the designated members to perform the ritual.

Plant a Tree

At outdoor weddings, couples can opt to plant a tree together in their name. While definitely fine on private property, couples should check with any public venues to make sure that they have permission to do so. It also gives the couple something to come back to over the years and makes for a memorable anniversary trip.

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