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Tyrell Set Up An Elaborate, City-wide Proposal and Esa Had No Clue in Richmond, VA

Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Tyrell really surprised Esa with his proposal. Tyrell, with some help from Esa's friend Jasmine, set up a city-wide scavenger hunt for a "girl's day". The ladies went to a number of locations that were special between Tyrell and Esa but also with a few sporadic places to not give away the master plan.

Tyrell and Esa after the proposal in Maymount Park in Richmond, VA.

The Anticipation

Meanwhile, we met up with Tyrell at Maymont Park. While there, we used the time to get some shots of the ring, set up some other shots using scrabble letters, and get some nice portraits of Tyrell. He was pretty nervous throughout the day, but we kept him calm and cool. As if he needed any additional pressure, it was also the same day as Maymont Parks MASSIVE Easter egg hunt. There were hundreds of people in the park and especially around the Italian Gardens. When word got out that Tyrell was there to propose, a crowd started to gather.

The Question

As Esa and Jasmine drew closer, the anticipation began to build. We went to go hide (and shamelessly cool off in the shade) under a large tree in the distance. As Esa walked up to the path, we could hear her ask Jasmine, "What's Tyrell doing here?" Still unaware of his intentions, she walks up to the gazebo where Tyrell is standing. It's there that he professes his love for her and asks for her hand while on one knee. At this point, Esa is overcome with joy and tears are filling her eyes. After a few more shots, we met up with Tyrell's sister who had their son and got in a few more shots before letting the newly engaged couple enjoy the rest of their Easter weekend.

It was an honor to capture this moment for Tyrell and Esa and we wish them nothing but the best in their planning!

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