De'Shera and Nic's Classic Storybook Proposal in Norfolk


Downtown Norfolk, VA

The Lucky Guy:

Aaron Nicholas Giles II

The Lucky Lady:

De'Shera Thomas

Proposal Date

May 5th, 2018

Tell Us About How You Met:

His Story:

De’shera and I met via FB, I peeped her pics but wasn’t in a position to say anything because I was just getting out of a messy situation, and the last thing on my mind was someone new. Her birthday had just passed and I commented on one of her pics, which I think FB then makes them come up more often (or maybe I was just accidently stalking) … Ok so what had happened was ….. a few days later I commented on another pic with a simple wave, I went on about my business… the next day the picture was BACK on my timeline with NO wave…. So I commented again... what I didn’t know is that the comment was actually posted and I didn’t see it so when I waived the second time it was like ….hey look at me… I’m waving again, her response was meet me in the DM… and then it went DOWN

Her Story:

Who knows when or how long Nic and I were social media friends before ever noticing? With both of us having ties to Norfolk State University and Old Dominion University, we had plenty of mutual friends but never knew each other. January 2017 Nic was flirting under a Facebook selfie I’d uploaded so I invited him to leave a message in my messenger. By the end of that week we were on our first date. Three weeks later we made it official. And exactly 15 months later he proposed!

I guess we can say their stories check out, haha.

So Nic... How did you plan this all out:


As far as the engagement, so it was long overdue, and was planned for a few months prior because I thought I loved her back then, but then I had to have foot surgery, and right after that was terminated (unfairly) from my job. It was then I found out that she loved me more than I thought I could ever be loved which made me love her even more. She never left my side when I was down, or angry or whatever emotion hit… so I decided to make her favorite holiday, even more special. Winefest is her can’t miss event every year, and I knew I could use that as a cover to have everyone we know and love in town and it not seem suspicious. I got the all clear from her parents that I could have their daughters hand, spoke to my friends in both of my group chats (#shoutout) and her best friend Jade, who saw the ring before anyone other than my mother, and was sadly was in town for a funeral. I got everyone together gathered outside of wine fest, her mother called a few more friends and family and BOOM made her ugly cry and she said … YES!

Photographer's Note:

I've had the pleasure of calling Nic my friend and brother for at least the last 15-17 years, so to capture this big moment for him... I just felt honored. In addition to all the times he'd talk about her, I knew this was the One for him. The location was top notch too. Downtown Norfolk has been on the up and up the past few years so for Nic to pick one of the busiest intersections in front of the newest hotel on the busiest of weekends was spot on. The weather was perfect and the sunlight wasn't too harsh due to a little bit of cloud cover. We even had a few minutes for a quick impromptu photo-shoot after the proposal. Then afterwards, we all as one big family headed on over to Wine Fest to let the festivities and celebration continue on.


Nic and De'Shera... Words can't express how happy I am for you two! Keep on being the light in each other's lives and Nic you better keep that sparkle in her eye, haha. Seriously though, I wish y'all two the best for years on years on years to come. Keep loving each other and keep making each other happy. Congrats again and thanks for saying 'YES!' to RS!

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