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Carol & Shelton's Elegant, Editorial Engagement Session in Washington DC

Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Carol and Shelton were referred to us by a grade school friend of mine and sorority sister of Carol's. They came to us with plans of a winter-themed engagement session that also included some of the more iconic areas of DC. Alas, Washington DC is on the part of the east coast where Winter doesn't know when it wants to end and Spring doesn't know when it wants to start, so the request was easier said than done. Still, we had an amazing afternoon to early evening engagement session. Carol and Shelton plan on having a traditional wedding in Alexandria, Virginia the night before New Year's Eve. The ceremony should make for a great start to their 2018!

Carol and Shelton pose for a portrait during their engagement session in Meridian Hill Park.

First Location: Meridian Hill Park - Washington DC

Nestled right in between Adams Morgan and Howard University in Northwest Washington DC is Meridian Hill Park. Meridian Hill Park is an Italian-style garden park that is known for its amazing fountains and stairways. It is a very beautiful park, but it is also public. I've come to this park a few times personally just to hang out and location scout--once for a previous portrait session. At any given time, it could be riddled with locals, visitors, wedding ceremonies and other photographers. Just before we began our shoot, there was a proposal just feet away. Nevertheless, the park is large enough to spread the scenery. Unfortunately for us, the fountains were not yet flowing for the season, but that didn't stop us from utilizing the amazing views that the park provides during Carol and Shelton's formal half of their engagement shoot.

Second Location: Senate Park - Washington DC

About a 15 minute trip away, we ended up at the Senate Park for the casual half of Carol and Shelton's engagement session. The Senate Park is another beautiful public area in Washington DC. The park is divided into two sections--Upper and Lower. The lower park has a large reflecting pool that is surrounded by cherry blossoms (that had recently peaked) and benched walkways. The staircase leading to the Upper Senate Park is sided with a long fountain under the overlook of the lower section. The Upper Senate Park is most popular for its large fountain and view of the U.S. Capitol. If you do decide to visit this park, you should know that there is not much parking around and that, like Meridian Hill, is a popular spot among couples and photographers.


We had a great time with Carol and Shelton during this engagement shoot. They're definitely a fun couple that are always laughing with each other. I reminded them that laughter is the key to it all and to never let the laughter stop. We wish them well in their preparations for their wedding and can't wait to capture the big day at the end of the year!

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