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Letting the Good Times Roll with this Fun Engagement Session in Richmond, Virginia

Sadé and De'Marques during their Engagement Session at the lake by the Richmond Marriott Short Pump in Richmond, VA.



Product Manager



Senior Watch Officer

Planned Wedding Date

Sat Oct 08 2022

Wedding Venue / Location

Richmond Marriott Short Pump

Engagement Session Location(s)

Lake near Richmond Marriott; Bowl America Short Pump

Tell Us About How You Met

De'Marques: She "Stalked" Me!

Sadé: Short Story: I was in the Right Place at the Right time! In February 2021, Sadé and De'Marques were invited to a birthday party for Sade's goddaughter. The two would exchange small talk throughout the evening. The following month, Sadé came down to Fredericksburg to watch her godchildren for the week while their parents went on their "babymoon". Little did Sadé know that her friends asked De'Marques to "check" on the house while they were gone. As the week went on, Sadé and De'Marques would cross paths as she played with the kids and he walked his dog, Pierce. On Thursday morning, Sadé went to start the car before taking the youngest to school. She noticed De'Marques outside taking out the trash and asked if he would grab hers. As the gentleman he is, De'Marques walked over to the house and gathered the trash from the kitchen and took it to the street. After this moment, the rest is history as Sadé was later invited back to Fredericksburg by De'Marques for a barbeque the following weekend.

Tell us about the proposal

After a Sunday afternoon with friends watching football, De'Marques and Sadé got home and began getting ready for bed. De'Marques received a phone call that left him feeling uneasy. Sadé got out of bed and began to pray with him over the situation. After she prayed, De'Marques said he would be back. He returned to the room with a black box, got down on one knee, and proposed to Sadé. It wasn't the proposal that either of us expected or planned, but it happened the way God wanted it to happen: in His timing! Prayer truly changes things!

Describe your engagement session

The theme of the engagement photos were fun and relaxing. We started off with a dressy photoshoot wearing our wedding colors (wine) then headed over to the bowling alley for some fun!

What did you do for your first date?

We went to Tipsy Crab in Richmond and then went bowling. Sadé loves to bowl and when she met De'Marques, she didn't know he was a bowler until he mentioned having his own ball and shoes.

How has wedding planning been going so far?

Wedding planning has been going. We went for a venue that could accommodate both our ceremony and reception to make things easier. October is right around the corner so we have some work to do.

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?

We are looking forward to celebrating with all of our family and friends.

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Sade Seaborne
Sade Seaborne
Apr 27, 2022

I can't thank you enough!!!

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