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Classic, Romantic Wedding at the Hilton Main in Norfolk, VA

Bride and Groom during their reception hall reveal after the wedding at The Main in Norfolk, Virginia.



Human Resources Specialist


Fred IV

NDT Inspector Specialist

Wedding Date

Fri Nov 08 2019


Norfolk, Virginia

How You Met

We met through mutual friends 6 years ago on a summer boat trip

How did you know they were the one?

Shayla : He was everything I prayed for, my family absolutely adored him and he didn't snore lol

Fred IV: I prayed about it and God revealed it to me; He made it crystal clear


I proposed on April 12, 2019, the day after Shayla's birthday. It was at the Butcher's Son restaurant in Chesapeake, Virginia. To her, her family and some of our friends, it was a complete surprise. I already had her father's blessing, but I didn't tell her parents when I was going to pop the question. I had been waiting and trying to find the perfect time without her finding out, so I thought what other time could I catch her off guard other than her birthday dinner. I knew most of her family and our friends would be there. I waited almost to the end of the dinner, we sung Happy Birthday and when we finished I got down on one knee. Before she could say "YES" she started jumping up and down, crying and hugging me so tight that I didn't even get a chance to properly ask her lol. It was such a beautiful moment that I will never forget and one of the happiest days of my life. The funny thing is.....Shayla didn't sleep for 24 hours after I proposed!

Wedding Shopping

Wedding shopping was a lot of fun for me!! Especially since I've had my wedding planned in my head years before I had a man lol When it came to dress shopping, surprisingly, I didn't have anyone physically with me. One day, I decided to stop by a bridal shop a few blocks from my old apartment in Alexandria, tried on the first dress and fell completely in love with it. I did a FaceTime group with my Mom, Aunties, Grandmother and God-Mom! They all gave me their blessing and I purchased my dress that same day. One thing about me is I know what I want when I see it and my heart was at total peace about the purchase I made. Although, my family wasn't there to help me pick out my dress, they made it imperative to be there for ALL of my fittings, which was exciting! Furthermore, many of my unique and custom items were all purchased from Etsy. Every other day, packages were arriving to our home. Everyone knows how it feels to receive a package in the mail and that was my feeling for months lol.

Advice for Engaged Couples

Our best advice is to pray together, talk about everything and be as transparent as possible.

Describe Your Wedding

Lots of metallic (gold/silver), flamed candle lights, romantic, classy and glam.

First Dance Song

Daniel Caesar - Get You

Favorite Memory

Shayla : When I walked down the aisle and saw my hubby for the first time looking sexy in his gray plaid suit. Also when he read his heartfelt wedding vows.

Fred IV: When Shayla read her vows

Wedding Party Gifts

Shayla : MK purses, robes, champagne glasses, Bridal Tribe Bath & Body hand sanitizers and the cost to style their hair

Fred IV: Socks that fit their personalities, shot glasses, and a bottle of their favorite spirit

Favorite Menu Item

Shayla & Fred: The crab cakes

From RS

It was an absolute joy servicing Shayla and Fred's wedding! We could not be happier for them and wish them nothing but the best! We're looking forward to watching the new family that you've formed blossom over time!

--Your Favorite Funtographers,

Shane & Tyrone


Planner/Coordinator - Andrias Events

Catering - The Hilton Main in Norfolk

Decor -

Barber - Al Mayes

Bridal Boutique - Global Bridal Gallery

Officiant - Pastor Allen R. McFarland

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