Jade & Christopher's Magnificent Surprise Proposal in Brooklyn, NY

Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Dumbo Brooklyn, New York

The Looking Glass

The Guy:

Christopher Taylor

Sales Representative

Lucky Lady:

Jade Guy

High School Placement Coordinator

Proposal Date: 5/19/18

Tell us about how you met:

CT - I'll never forget the day I met Jade. Our good friends were getting married and we actually met each other at their wedding. Ever since that day, we've just been enjoying life together. Traveling, getting on each others nerves, having fun every single day. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

Tell us about the events leading up to the proposal and who helped you plan it:

CT - Actually, I was confident and unbothered leading up to the event (though Shane would say differently, haha). I only got worried once the weather turn for the worst. My plans were all contingent upon great weather. We wanted an outdoor, intimate yet random proposal. Luckily, Shane was able to work his magic and find a really good backup location that fit us even from several states away. He was super helpful and went above and beyond to help build a contingency plan. Honestly, I had seen the location and knew it would be better than the original location. Shane was flexible, helpful, and resourceful. He even provided a checklist of items to ensure was done prior to the proposal that turned out to be really helpful.

How did you celebrate?

CT - Well, Jade was really big on it being JUST US so the whole weekend was setup to be like a "staycation". Little did she know, I got her best friends (soon-to-be bridesmaids) and family to plan a surprise party at her favorite bar--The Looking Glass. We had decorations and tons of love there waiting for us. Friends and family came from all over. We had a really great time that night.

Photographer's Note:

We had a great time shooting in New York! It was my first time back in the city in a number of years. It was a little gloomy and rainy literally the entire time we were there, but that didn't stop us from getting some awesome shots! The "YES!" wall is actually in an underpass which provided some decent cover. Once there was a break in the rain, we walked around the corner to get one Brooklyn's most iconic shots of the Brooklyn Bridge. While we took a little time to rest and pop in a Starbucks, I tried to use what little daylight I could squeeze out of the overcast day to get some detail shots. I had popped in a Bed, Bath, and Beyond and a World Market earlier that day to try and find some small props and it seemed to work out pretty well. To end the shoot, we went to CT's original location to see what we could salvage of his original vision. I really liked it even with the fog. It added a different feel and the dull weather of the background really helped them pop out in the scene.


CT, Jade; It was a pleasure to capture your special day! Keep laughing, keep exploring the world together, and most importantly, keep loving each other. You guys have something really special. Congrats again and thanks for saying "YES" to RS!

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