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Candace and Travis' Lovely KweKwe and Wedding Ceremonies in Chester, VA

Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Simon Household

Ashton Creek Vineyard - Chester, VA


It's always good reuniting with old friends for a wedding, even better when you're photographing their wedding and that is what we had here with Candace and Travis.

Benn Wedding at the Ashton Creek Vinyard in Chester, VA.

Traditional KweKwe Ceremony:

Now this was one of the best cultural experiences to date. The traditional Guyanese KweKwe Ceremony is one full of music, culture, dance, and poetry. With plenty of family and friends around in celebration, the rhythmic beats of the drums coupled with the imagery of the poetry had everyone out their seats dancing around Candace and Travis. But just as things were getting intense, Candace snuck off into the house. This particular part of the ceremony calls for the bride to hide in the house while the groom must go through all of the bride's family and search for her. I can still hear the traditional song--"Open the door, let the man come in!"

Getting Ready:

The ladies decided to get ready at the famous Berkley Hotel in downtown Richmond, VA. The Bridesmaids, in their matching robes, had a really fun time getting Candace ready. There was plenty of laughs and tears of joy as Candace prepared for one of the biggest moments of her life. The Groomsmen and Travis got ready at the Ashton Creek Vineyard. The room was full of laughter, jokes, and music (and little nerves due to the rounds of shots!)


The traditional western ceremony was held inside the beautiful Ashton Creek Vineyard barn house. There's tons of natural light hitting the ceremony area and it has a bit of a rustic feel. The couple was surrounded by beautiful floral decor provided by The Flower Guy Bron. The two exchanged their vows and hopped the broom as Mr. and Mrs. Benn!


It was one of the hottest days of 2017, but we pulled off an amazing formals session! We used the vineyard as a backdrop and shot from the top floor as the ceremony area was being flipped for dinner and the reception.


The reception was tons of fun! Candace and her father added a little bit of flare to their Father/Daughter dance and there was nothing but love showered on the couple. Guests also took part in the traditional Money Dance, where they shower the bride and groom with cash as a gift. The couple and their guests danced the night away until the end. Candace and Travis were sent off under sparklers leading them to their 1969 Bentley--off to start their forever together!


We had a great time shooting Candace and Travis' wedding! It was cultural, it was fun, it was everything any couple could ever ask for. Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. Benn! #ItsBennReal

Grand exit of the Benn Wedding at the Ashton Creek Vineyard in Chester, VA.
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