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Nerissa & Kevin's one of a kind Wedding in Annapolis, MD

Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Annapolis, Maryland


Nerissa and Kevin are a classic fairy tale couple. They have known each other since Kindergarten! As the years went by, the two remained in touch until fate told them it was time.

Nerissa and Kevin pose for a photo after their wedding in Annapolis, MD.



The couple decided on a small, intimate wedding at the Annapolis Wedding Chapel. The setting definitely fit the couple's personalities. They utilized the outdoor wedding area of the chapel which is absolutely gorgeous. For such a small place, there are so many angles and possibilities from a photography standpoint. The couple opted for a sand pouring ceremony that incorporated not only themselves but Kevin's older daughter and Nerissa and Kevin's unborn daughter--Teigan. It was really a beautiful ceremony.



The formals session occurred in two different locations. The first was at the Annapolis Wedding Chapel and the second was downtown Annapolis, Maryland. The downtown area is such a gorgeous area for photos! In the evening time, there's tons of street lights to take advantage of. People in the town are very friendly and showered the couple with congratulations. Nerissa and Kevin danced the night away after to the tunes of a local street performer. It was definitely one of the most magical first dances we've experienced.



Nerissa and Kevin were an awesome couple to work with. They are very fun and compliment each other very much. We wish them nothing but years of happiness as they welcome their new baby girl and their family continues to grow. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Jones!

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